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Wheat Grain

Specifications :-
Worldwide staple food
Scientific Name : Triticum
Family : Poaceae
Order : Poales
Protein(/100gm) : 12.61 g
Energy(/100gm) : 327 Calories 

Whole Spices
When it comes to whole spices, Shree Hari Krushi Utpadan Kendra can be the name you can trust. Clove seeds, cumin seeds, dry turmeric, green cardamom or whichever whole spice you need, just contact us.

Food Grains
Shree Hari Krushi Utpadan Kendra is a trusted provider of food grains, like soyabean seeds, millet seeds, barley grains and more, loaded with nutritional content. Our Mandvi (Gujarat) based company has capacity to meet the requirements of Indian and foreign customers.
Food Grains Flour
Besan, maida flour and whole wheat flour are some food grains flour provided by Shree Hari Krushi Utpadan Kendra. All kinds of flour are ground in our facility, located in a prime location of Mandvi (Gujarat).
Indian Pulses
Kabuli chana, gram lentils, moong dal, toor dal and a lot more variety if Indian pulses are available with Shree Hari Krushi Utpadan Kendra. Our Mandvi (Gujarat) based company processes pulses under hygienic conditions.
Edible Iodized Salt
Shree Hari Krushi Utpadan Kendra is a producer of edible iodized salt, one of the most used ingredient in a savory dish. Our couple of years old company can supply the salt in a number of packs.
Basmati Rice
Basmati rice is one of the most favored type of rice, consumed by people worldwide. What really make this kind of rice different from non basmati rice are the texture, size and aroma. Shree Hari Krushi Utpadan Kendra can make you available Sella Basmati Rice.